2017 Year in Review: Rewatched Movies

Rewatched Movies:

  1. John Wick (Amazon Instant)
  2. Moon (Blu)
  3. Ocean’s 12 (Netflix)
  4. Spider-Man (2002, Blu)
  5. Big Trouble in Little China (Netflix)
  6. The Guest (Amazon Instant)
  7. Miami Connection (Blu)
  8. Superman Returns (Netflix)
  9. Shaun of the Dead (DVD)
  10. Short Term 12 (Amazon Instant)
  11. What We Do In The Shadows (Amazon Instant)
  12. True Grit (Amazon Instant)
  13. Sicario (Amazon Instant)
  14. Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Blu)
  15. Rogue One (Blu)
  16. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Netflix)
  17. Patriots Day (Blu)
  18. Captain America: Civil War (Netflix)
  19. Speed Racer (Blu)
  20. Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the black pearl (Netflix)
  21. Green Room (Blu)
  22. The Patriot (DVD)
  23. Captain America: The First Avenger (Amazon Instant)
  24. Jack Reacher (Blu)
  25. Upstream Color (Digital Download)
  26. Over The Garden Wall (technically tv but only 2 hours total and good for a single sitting; no other TV rewatched, Amazon Instant)
  27. Lord of The Rings (Blu, extended)
  28. Nicholas Nickleby (Amazon Instant)
  29. It’s A Wonderful Life (Blu)


Rewatches find themselves in a couple different categories. There’s the ones that I think of as “American” Films: Jack Reacher, Captain Americas, The Patriot, Green Room, Patriots Day, Miami Connection has the most American production history of chasing dreams and trying the best that you can (with some incredible melting pot 80s protagonists, a tae kwon do rock band entirely comprised of orphans), Big Trouble in Little China too (JACK), Spider-Man (New York!), John Wick (guns!), even Speed Racer finds itself in this category because of all the wonderful 50s inflected family idealization going on.

There are my Christmas traditions: It’s A Wondeful Life, Nicholas Nickleby (even though it’s not a christmas Dickens deals with life/death/family/greed/love and really all there is in this world), and I always catch Lord of The Rings with my brother.

There’s some obvious recency bias in the other films I rewatch because they are just what I have in my catalog and I just cannot believe it if someone hasn’t seen them. Love a good rewatch that introduces someone to a great film. Also, Edgar Wright is always a fun movie night pick.

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