Stranger Things season 2, Episode 3 “The Pollywog”



That’s exactly what I was thinking before the terrific intro music played for episode three. I was eating finger food too :////////

It didn’t go down great because that little lizard buddy looks kinda like a Halloween snack size candy. Suddenly becoming aware of what’s going down your throat is… an experience.

Episode 3, that means 1/3 of this season is done. That also means threads should be coming together, enough with the set up. Ready to start the next episode but first the rest of this post. They’ve been taking their time which is great, I love the town. I love 11 discovering the world. I love the kids just spending time a little at a time. This is TV and these parts play into the strengths of the medium. I’m still not sure if they’re driving at something other than big monster is coming. It’s cool and good I guess but hopefully they’ll fill in some gaps like what even it is we just saw as the episode closed.

Onto the bullet thoughts:

– Really proud of Dusty for reading

– We finally see the flashbacks catch up with the current understanding of 11’s situation. As much as I love seeing her go Magneto on squirrels and bond with Hopper (his little dance), it’s good to see them hopefully move on.

– 11’s hair has grown on me, I definitely see her as a little girl now more than bald killing machine

– Billy Update: BEEFY UNDER THE LEG LAYUP. end billy update

– Steve just wants to be loved :”(

– It’s just all really good stuff. People show up for the monsters and the 1980s stuff but you know we’re all here for the relationships

– Winona Ryder has this great knowing reaction face when Sean Astin mentions her older son is a tough cookie to crack. Winona Ryder what a gift

– What an ending, that giant smokey tentacle monster going all tornado-y into poor Will’s eyeballs and mouth and nose and face and stuff. They paid good money for that, the hallway running scene and the episode’s convincing if slimy creature work

– Every movement of the demon frog made me cringe

– For a second, the rings of teeth inside the demon frog’s mouth looked like an eyeball to me and that gave me hives

– Glad Sean Astin is trying his best to dad up but man his advice doesn’t seem great if what you’re confronting is a multidimensional hellbeast

– 11 being jealous is dumb and I hope they stop that

– Honestly had no idea skateboards were invented before the 80s

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