Comics I Care About: March 22nd 2017

Every week a lot of comics come out. Of those comics there are a handful I’ll buy and hopefully like. A smaller more select set of comics are the ones that build some anticipation before Wednesday rolls around. Their history leaves you thinking about what will come next and their ongoing story has stakes, implications or simply a quality throughline you want to see developed.

Here are the comics I’m looking forward to this week:


On the recent Logan segment of the First Things Podcast an offhand wish about superhero content in genre clothing (why are there no legit self contained episode to episode case based legal/law enforcement Marvel tv shows?!) was brought up and discarded. Daredevil it seems, is too busy punching to actually do lawyering. So what kind of hero would be both really good at punching but incredibly reticent to punch things because of the possible life altering implications and collateral damage they could cause…. Sounds like a hulk. Since we’re only 4 issues in, this first case hasn’t even wrapped up yet. Based on one panel of goofy super powered (afflicted?) clients in Jennifer Walters’ waiting room I think I’m going to be enjoying the little world buildy gems in this book for many issues to come. Jennifer is also relatable, they don’t always treat the Hulk thing as an asset. Equal parts public figure trying to keep her head down and alienated coworker back from rehab, I really hope it doesn’t all fall apart for her. You could say I’m invested.


Shout out to my favorite chunky body positive white man Odinson, his good good big horned goat and uhh a lot of other characters. You’ll want to read from the number 1 not only because it’s beautiful but also because most books would kill for even one of the little supporting character moments peppered throughout. It’ll keep you guessing. Not telling every little detail makes me eager to come back to learn something new with each issue. (I still don’t know why he’s unworthy tho)


When will the Spider-Man kissing crossover arc finally end? This issue! They absolutely have not sold the relationship at the heart of this arc as anything substantial. It’s convoluted. Makes me think the kiss will end up as another one of those “lol i kiss a lot of people” referential in-canon jokes about the long list of dead end character pairings we endure.

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