Year in Review: 2016


(pictured: what 2016 did to me)

This was not a good year. I got out to half as many movies as I’d like to, but made up for it accidentally by watching too much TV and getting into comics in the fall so…

Here are the numbers:

39 Full seasons of TV watched (40 if you count Horace and Pete which, it seems like most people, I still need to finish)

62 Films watched on VOD/Hard disk

80 Films watched in Theaters (with a few first run VOD exceptions like High-Rise, Skiptrace, Weiner etc)

-Over 100 individual issues of comics

9 older collected classic comic trades

5 nonfiction books (this is going to seem really sad but I’ve got a couple dozen that I’m 100 or so pages into)

-I didn’t keep track of fiction but if I did read anything it was probably a fantasy book aimed at kids like Redwall or Outlaws of Time by ND Wilson (it has a fantastic book trailer fwiw) with a few excursions into science fiction books on tape

6 video games that came out this year

5 video games from years past

-I haven’t even thought about music because in addition to being bad at it, I hardly understand it. (Church Clothes 3 by Lecrae, Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper and of course Lemonade)

5 comedy specials (all netflix and generally underwhelming except for Bo Burnham’s Make Happy who remains an interesting if undeniably jaded young man)

Hopefully I’ll post more complete analysis with time breakdowns and stuff so we can see exactly how much sleep I lost on those terrible CW superhero shows.

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