Donald J. Trump is Evil

Maybe it’s bluster? He can’t really mean those things, or honestly hold the ideas behind those things.

Take punitive action against his opposition’s speech and the free press? Oh really.

Order US Marines to put their guns into cribs and shoot children? Not going to happen.

Make Mexico pay? Pretty vague, not even really a threat.

China will give back the jobs? Americans don’t actually want those jobs, POTUS can’t write new trade legislation, the market is self evidently good to anyone with even the barest education.

So it has gone for many when it comes to Donald J. Trump. He just seems too stupid and logistically untethered to be credibly dangerous. How are his plans even doable?

But then we remember the guns. For a while there have been issues in the presidency with encroaching war powers, like an unhealthy willingness in killing US citizens abroad, that have softened us up to the idea of an arbitrary executioner-in-chief. This is THE problem with someone like Donald J. Trump. What will he do with all the guns.

We need to stop thinking about Donald J. Trump as a Forrest Gump-ian, misplaced Real America Rosetta stone for the working class. See this manipulator for who he is, a strange mix of Bill Cosby and Saddam Hussein.

“They won’t refuse. They’re not going to refuse me. Believe me.” – If there was one ethos that summed up Donald J. Trump it would be this one quote. From his own sexual entitlement to a linguistic obsession with emasculation and sexual violation as metaphor for the uncertain economic circumstances of his base. There’s no consideration for conscious, if he has anything left in his own seared corpse of an inner life or the possibility for that beauty in others. He has a raw unabated indulgence in everything including violence against children. The darkest part in his hate and his ruthlessness, slipping out in the quote above, is that his violence extends to those who say that he is wrong. Violence is his only guarantee, his only stick and his only sick carrot for the orcs that follow him. Refusing Donald J. Trump is an existential question, according to him.

We should take world leaders at their word. Taking Trump at his word should net only one response, moral resistance.

Will Donald J. Trump put a nuclear bomb right in the middle of Mexico City? We just can’t know he won’t if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Where in the past Right and Left have argued about the role of the government in justice, in moral social control, in what “the good life” is and how it should be promoted, with Donald J. Trump we see something entirely different. Not a new moral proposition to be negotiated or accommodated but a dark absence of any morals whatsoever. You’ll notice how after the uproar over every statement the walk back is inevitably “I won’t do that because you don’t like it” which really means “I don’t want the resistance now because I don’t have the guns yet.”

Donald J. Trump is not only evil but dangerous. Have we seen a politician in my lifetime so willing to be violent? So willing to cause pain for his own sick enjoyment? What else will this horrible man do to further his goals? He’s already tried to augment his swagger with calls to “go further” than torture that included medically unnecessary nonconsensual penetration with a feeding tube.

We all have a responsibility to stop him. If, God forbid, as Trump suggests, resistance is an existential question, there are a number of us who are willing and able to take that risk.

He does not have power yet and if there are any good men left in the United States, in the armed forces, in homes and communities where decency reigns, he never will have the means to work out his craven blood fantasies.

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