Junior Year is Finished! (and my recent writing)

Life Changes

May means finals week, papers, projects and general craziness. I’m happy to say I’ve finished my Junior year, my second year at UW Milwaukee in Media Studies.

Hopefully I’ll keep writing though. It’s been nice getting feedback from people who like what I write or that were happy I warned them off seeing Chappie (truly the lord’s work).

Here’s what I’ve written recently:

General Reviews

I wrote a glowing review of the hilarious Laughter on the 23rd Floor which was performed in an intimate little theater in Historic Walker’s Point: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/theatre-unchained-laughter-on-the-23rd-floor

I aired my grievances about middle aged people in my review of While We’re Young which was competent and insightful: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/film-review-take-your-old-friends-to-see-while-were-young

I wrote about documentary Nerd Prom which is educational about the various problems surrounding the White House Correspondents’ Dinner but not exactly setting the world on fire: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/film-review-nerd-prom-inside-washingtons-wildest-week

James Franco and Jonah Hill’s film True Story is one of the biopic type films I don’t hate: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/film-review-true-story

Superheroes Stuff

My Avengers 2 Review excerpt: “I’m that guy. I went to the overnight 11 Marvel movie marathon that culminated in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’ Then I went to see it again in IMAX 3D a day later. Earlier in the week I gave a short talk on Marvel superheroes and masculinity as part of two class projects… I’m not going to feign objectivity here.” More here: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/film-review-avengers-age-of-ultron

I gave this 17 minute talk on Marvel Superheroes and Masculinity:

and clarified and expanded my points in 3200 words across multiple blog entries here (start reading from the bottom): marvelsuperheroesandmasculinity.wordpress.com

There was an incredibly popular hot take on Avengers 2 that was published on Medium and then on WIRED. I raged about it, reexamined Avengers, and brought a critique of the critique in a 116 item Storify here: https://storify.com/MattHeimiller/avengers-age-of-criticism

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