10 Things I wrote recently

Here are 10 Reviews/Recommends/Rando-Lists that I’ve written in the last two months or so. All of them were for the student publication the UWM Post.


The Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts were incredible. A must see(!): http://uwmpost.com/fringe/film-review-oscar-nominated-live-action-shorts

My review of Run All Night complete with a short recent history of Liam Neeson: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/film-review-run-all-night

My review of delightful devilish Wild Tales: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/film-review-wild-tales

Furious 7 was its own thing: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/film-review-furious-7-features-cliche-action-touching-tribute


A primer on My Brother My Brother and Me a comedy advice podcast. 5 things to know (featuring weird animorphs stuff): http://uwmpost.com/fringe/5-things-to-know-about-my-brother-my-brother-and-me

House of Cards Season 3 was a dud for me, 5 things you need to know: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/five-things-i-learned-from-house-of-cards-season-three

5 ways Blomkamp’s Chappie disappointed me: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/film-review-5-ways-chappie-disappoints


A Netflix pick blurb on Fuqua’s outlier King Arthur: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/february-netflix-picks-gypsies-knights-and-commitment-phobic-lesbians

A blurb on a song I heard and like: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/spotify-picks-what-were-listening-to-at-the-moment

Throwback Thursday to RocketJump YouTube series Video Game High School: http://uwmpost.com/fringe/throwback-thursday-youtubes-video-game-high-school

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