2014: Some Stuff I Wrote

This was a landmark year for me. I started writing movie reviews occasionally for my on-campus student paper (it’s a blog). Between my independent reading and my Media Studies classes, I’m immersed more than ever in cultural and film criticism. This was my first year trying to train my critical eye when it came to cinema. I’ve been keeping my stubs forever but this year I might have to throw them away or risk becoming a hoarder. This year’s count is just under 120 theater tickets which it’d be a fair bet to say is at least triple the number I went to last year. Hopefully the amount of time my cornea spent in the theater is matched by a quality cutting eye for what is good generally and what my own taste demands. Here are some things I wrote this year.

From My Personal Blog:

This review/overview of “vvvvvv” an inspired and inexpensive 2D platformer for mobile and desktop: http://mattheimiller.svbtle.com/vvvvvv-the-best-one-hour-game-youll-pay-5-bucks-for-this-week

Reviews for The UWM Post Fringe entertainment section:

The Raid 2, the best action film of the year: http://uwmpost.com/review-the-raid-2-is-about-excess-in-the-best-possible-way

Noah, the best children’s book adaption: http://uwmpost.com/review-darren-aronofskys-noah-is-a-biblical-epic

Veronica Mars, the best rehash of a television show that should have stayed dead: http://uwmpost.com/review-veronica-mars-is-worth-it

The Wind Rises, the best (and only) anime I saw this year: http://uwmpost.com/review-the-wind-rises

The Drop, the best opportunity to see Tom Hardy act like a slow, emotionally vulnerable thug: http://uwmpost.com/the-drop-a-gripping-and-satisfying-crime-drama

John Wick, the best movie that really has no right to be this good: http://uwmpost.com/movie-review-john-wick-will-blow-your-brains-out

St. Vincent, the best representation of pregnant strippers: http://uwmpost.com/movie-review-st-vincent-not-for-me-maybe-for-you

The Judge, the best chance you’ll get to deal with your own daddy issues: http://uwmpost.com/movie-review-the-judge

The Guest, the best midnight movie: http://uwmpost.com/movie-review-the-guest

Other Posts:

I got all bleeding heart about Primer, my favorite film ever ever that I’m trying to get you to watch: http://uwmpost.com/throwback-thursday-primer

A short blurb about Robot & Frank that I cranked out after it hit Netflix: http://uwmpost.com/october-netflix-picks-from-stars-hollow-to-california

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